Winter Picnic – 2nd Birthday Party

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Do you ever have those days when you are supposed to be ticking off your `to-do-list` but you get really sidetracked by all the pretty things online.  Well, let`s just say that it happens to me all the time!  I cannot help exploring the web for amazing and well thought out events.  I am sure I would be able to tick of more than half my list if I was capable of limiting this habit… but I get completely lost in a world of `a whole lot of pretty`.  Now, The Purple Chair is definitely a page on facebook I keep revisiting as I am completely inspired by the stunning events they put together here in the UAE.  Dana, May and Rasha Badran  are the talented trio behind The Purple Chair who create pure `magic` and their creations are most certainly PINTEREST worthy!  So you can imagine how delighted I am to be able to welcome this team to the `I am captivated` family.

Who said you need to be a grown up to have a well thought out and very classy birthday party?  We adore this winter picnic for Zoya`s 2nd birthday captured by Enchante Studios.  I love the pops of colour in the floral arrangements and I have to admit that I have a slight obsession with food items wrapped in brown paper bags…rustic, simple and oh so effective!  We know you will want to see more from where these came from!


All images captured by : Enchante Studios.

The Purple Chair




A word from The Purple Chair Team:

Why you love what you do…

The thrill of putting an event together that you have planned for months is an exhilarating and very satisfactory feeling. We are lucky to have met tasteful clientele who have given us the flexibility to create simple and delicate details that are both sophisticated and beautiful. We are also lucky to work with the citys most talented vendors from florists, photographers, artists and so on. Working with this pool of talent is very inspirational and makes the job a more pleasurable experience.

An event you will always remember…

It is definitely difficult to answer this question as each event is memorable in its own unique way. We would have to say our first wedding will always be dear to our hearts. Building a connection with the bride and groom and seeing their dream wedding come to life is a wonderful feeling. 
Why you love Dubai…
There are endless reasons to love Dubai. From its endless means of entertainment,  authentic cuisines and busy nightlife. Most importantly, Dubai gives all talent a platform to express themselves and encourages innovation. The facilities to start your own business are within your reach, you just need the courage!

Your favourite place to go for a relaxing cup of tea…

The Archive is a beautiful hidden gem in Safa Park that gives you tranquility when trying to escape the busy rush of the city. 
Your favourite holiday destination…
The three of us are in love with south of Italy. We have been to Italy several times and cannot get enough from the italian kitchen, the beautiful landscapes and delicious gelato! We would love to plan an intimate garden wedding tucked between the flowering cliffs and sea side paradise of south Italy.


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