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When I started the quest to launch my blog and make my dream come true I don`t think I quite knew what an exciting adventure I would embark on.  I always knew Dubai was full of creative and dynamic people bursting with ideas but it wasn`t until now that I have truly been exposed to the energy and passion that makes this city tick.  Meeting up with Kelly the dynamic managing partner of Ugly Duckling Photography was one of these moments where I felt reminded again of the uniqueness that Dubai offers.  Kelly and her team of female photographers have the girl power to show everyone just how it is done, specialising in weddings and events as well as family shoots.  I think a lady photographer has the extra sensitivity and insight into how a bride might be feeling on her special day.  Enjoy swooning over these beautiful images!


















Describe your photography business briefly…

We are an all female team with offices in Dubai and the UK. We offer specialist photography and videography packages for weddings, events and family shoots.


Why do you love what you do…

We are all very creative people – what we do simply isn’t a job – its our passion and we are dedicated to providing each client with a thoroughly beautiful end product.

Photography is something you can really put your soul into – there are no rules or boundaries and it allows you to offer something to your clients that other services simply wouldn’t.


What is the most important thing when you capture photographs…

The moment. The moment unposed, not set up, where those people don’t realise you are there – its magic. We rarely shoot exactly the same person or object in the same light. For weddings especially – its such a momentous occasion filled with such a great deal of happy emotions – to be the person responsible for capturing that on film is an honour every time.


Why do you love Dubai…

One of the reasons is the versatility in what Dubai offers regarding photography – one week we could photograph a beautiful pregnant mother, a vibrant and contemporary event at a beach club resort for a top brand and then finish with a gorgeous bride at an intimate Emirati wedding. There is always something happening in Dubai – its got so much to offer.


Your favourite place to have a cup of tea in Dubai…

I would have to say at home! But I meet a lot of brides in café’s to discuss their wedding requirements so for locations I would say More Café or Lime Tree Café. Both offer fantastic food, great service and a lovely atmosphere!


Your favourite holiday destination…

I have been very fortunate to have travelled all over the world but my favourite place to go on holiday is home to the UK. Being an expat has so many perks but I have a very big family and I miss them a lot!

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