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Words of affirmation is one way of showing the people you love that you care about them.  I delight in writing my friends and family letters to tell them just how much I care.  One recipient of these is my husband and I will definitely be listing all the things I love about him this Valentine`s Day.  But, I do need to start being a little more original with they way I tell him.  I also have a budget when it comes to what I spend on a gift as it is easy to get a little carried away with all the things you see in the shops.  So, when my special friend Jenny (yes she has been mentioned in lots of my features as she is seriously talented) told me she was designing a series of `Love` prints to sell on Etsy I was thrilled!  What could be easier…choose your print, download it and you have the perfect gift.

 You can use these quirky prints in so many different and fun ways this Valentine`s Day.  We are sharing a few of our favourite ideas…

– Frame them for your loved one`s desk at work

– Hang them on your wall above your bed or around your home

– Keep them small and hide them all over the house for him to find as he goes about his day

– Use them as gift cards to his Valentine`s Day gift

– They will add a bit of spunk and colour to your home whether you are dating or not

She has thought of such fun, quirky quotes and the colours are super funky and bright.  Below are a few of the prints available on Etsy but be warned – you will probably want to buy the whole series!  A huge thank you to Jo Cole Photography for taking these images.

Valentines-15 Valentines-14Valentines-13Valentines-4Valentines-3Valentines-12

P.S – Here is the link to where you can find more of these…

Photography: Jo Cole Photography



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