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A big welcome to Sweet Life!  I have always had a passion for decorating and theming special occasions and I enjoy dreaming up all these wonderful ideas. Following through with my ideas is the tricky part as time (or lack thereof) always seems to get in the way. There is nothing more exciting than arriving at a function or special occasion that has a theme.  I find great pleasure and satisfaction in looking at all the details and finishing touches.

Yomna, the founder and owner of Sweet Life, clearly shares the same passion and with her skill, talent and amazing team she is able to execute her dreams and ideas into the most incredible celebrations.  It was so special to meet up with Yomna over a cup of coffee.  She explained how important the quality and attention to details are when she organises and plans an event.  Just imagine the children’s faces when they see their parties being put together, not to mention their little guests pleasure at being invited to and having fun at a themed party. What a treat!  Don`t these pictures just make you want to be young and care free again…

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All images belong to Sweet life Parties.

Visit their website and facebook page for more information.

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