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Posted on: September 4th, 2015 by Carolyn 2 Comments

A Bridal Shower is one of my favourite events, when dreaming about themes and decor, as there really is no limit in terms of making it classy and glamorous! It is an evening dedicated to the bride-to-be surrounded by friends and family.  Don`t get me wrong,I understand the fun behind a typical themed bridal shower and night out,but there is something truly special about an evening with a little bit of style and class.  I have put together images from some of my favourite sites to inspire you and get your creative juices flowing . The theme is ” Sparkle The Night Away”. It is filled with sparkle, colours and decor ideas to ensure you throw a bridal shower that`s intimate and a night to remember.  I have tried to stay away from your typical `cheesy` games and thought of activities that are unique and fun!  Enjoy.

Bridal Shower sparkle 2Bridal shower sparkle 1Bridal Shower 4Bridal Shower 3

1. You can never have enough glitter.

2. Sprinkle glitter onto all the little extra bits and bobs to add to the decor.

3.  Invite your guests to wrap their gifts with glittery ribbons and paper.

4. Invite your guests to dress according to the theme.  Choose two or three colours and ask them to come dressed accordingly, with a touch of sparkle of course.

5. Get out your gold tinsel to add to the theme.

6. Spray paint old jars gold and add glitter to them.  Use them to hold strays, cutlery, flowers.

7.  Make bunting out of gold glitter paper or spray paint paper dollies.

8. Get sparklers to light when the bride-to-be arrives.

9. Have fun!

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    This is so pretty! ❤️ You can never have enough glitter 😉

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