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These images immediately make me think of an enchanted forest, fairy tales and adventures.  We all know how little girls love to escape into their own imaginary worlds, playing make belief for hours.  I just love how Paula Scalco has captured this very thing that makes little girls so precious!  Malu and Mafer are the most beautiful girls and you can see just how much they care about each other – nothing quite like the bond between two sisters.

A word from Paula…

One afternoon we went to the park to have a picnic, to run around the forest and play “hide and seek”. And that was the perfect way to capture how life should be; light, beautiful, happy and pink (for me!).  The images show all the small details that I am so in love with. The gentle hands holding fallen leaves, the amazing sunlight gently touching the tree leaves and so many genuine smiles!  Looking at these images makes me so happy, and I hope you feel the same


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