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Hi there lovely readers of I am Captivated! It’s a pleasure to be guest posting for Carolyn today, I’m thrilled to be here.

First and foremost, let me introduce myself. I’m Dana, author of food blog Danaeats, where I share delicious recipes with the aim of making it really easy to attempt them. I began on my food blogging/photographing journey 4 years ago, and its been an amazing journey since then.

To me, cooking is a really personal and intimate thing to share with someone. Preparing a dish for family, having everyone gather around the table, eating, letting loose and just talking to each other. It’s a lovely thing. Food brings people together. It’s not just about the result that matters though, it’s also about everything that goes on behind the scenes in the kitchen. The smell of the garlic, the crackle from the skillet, and the sight of something roasting deliciously in the oven. It speaks to all of your senses. My kitchen is my happy place, my go-to place. It’s where I let go of all stress and just focus on one thing, the food.

I love experimenting with new recipes, things out of the ordinary. Many of my recipe ideas come from Pinterest, there is just so much on there to try and such little time. As you all know, this month is Ramadan. The best part of Ramadan is having all your family around you, and sharing this special month with all the people you most care about. Ramadan is also known for something else, dessert! I don’t know why it is exactly that we all go dessert crazy in Ramadan, I’m kind of starting to wish Ramadan was an everyday thing now. Actually, cross that, I miss my morning coffee.

To keep up with my dessert-crazed family, I decided to try something new and different one night. I felt like combining the traditional Ramadan food, dates, with something it usually isn’t eaten with. A different twist on the traditional date desserts. I thought to myself, how incredibly delicious would it be to mix dates with toasted coconut and honey? This idea quickly escalated to including chopped pistachios, and another ramadan favourite: orange blossom water. 30 minutes later, and there we had them: Pistachio Coconut Date Truffles. They were divine.

This recipe is simple and easy to put together, but will surely wow your guests. I hope you find it easy to follow, and that you enjoy it as much as we did. See you on next month’s feature!

dates3 dates

Pistachio Coconut Date Truffles

Yields 20

A delicious dessert to serve in Ramadan or Eid.


1½ cups (200 g) unsalted pistachios

1½ cups high-quality dates, chopped

2 tbsp orange blossom water

1 tbsp honey

1 cup shredded coconut


Toast the pistachios in a pan or in the oven for about 4-5 minutes or until they release a delicious nutty aroma. Set aside to cool.

Place the coconut in a bowl and set aside.

Place the pistachios in a processor and grind.

In a separate bowl, mush the chopped dates using the back of a fork or spoon (you could add them to the food processor but I find that it leaves you with a sticky mess).

Add the ground pistachios to the dates then using your hands, mix them together until they form a thick paste.

Place the date paste back into the bowl, then add the orange blossom and honey. Mix together using your hands (I like to wear plastic gloves for this part).

Form small and evenly sized balls using your hands, then immediately roll them into the coconut bowl while still sticky. Roll until the boat is coated well. Do this for all of them.

Serve immediately, or refrigerate and serve later.


The date truffles can be refrigerated for up to a week maximum.



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