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I love baking, decorating cakes and eating freshly baked treats.  So it is with great excitement that I can welcome Nice Ribbon Atelier to the ‘i am captivated’ family.  It was very difficult to choose which photographs to use for this post as Ana has so many incredible creations.  I knew I had to use one of her famous cake pops.  These little balls of cake, dipped and decorated make fun and delicious thank you gifts or wedding favours, not mention adding a finish touch to your candy table.  I love the way you can customise them and package them to match any theme.  There is lots to look forward to as we will definitely be featuring more of Ana’s delightful treats.



All images created by Ana from Nice Ribbon Atelier.

Visit her website or her facebook page.

A little description about your business…

Nice Ribbon Atelier, is a Design Studio where we can design and transform every kind of event. The whole purpose is to customize your party and personalize every little detail to make your party one of a kind. We do a variety of decorations, graphic design, candy tables and personalized desserts.
Our goal and the main idea behind Nice Ribbon Atelier  is to create a whole experience, in other worlds to provide our customers with a complete experience where design meets food. It is not only about baking cupcakes or cake pops, it is about creating an ambiance for guests to have a uniquely themed party, where your imagination is the only limit.
From creating a Baby Shower or a Sweet Sixteen Party around a specific theme such as “Casino Night” to decorating  a Corporate Party making it outstanding and creating long lasting memories for all attendees.

Your interest in baking…

I think I have always had an interest in baking but I didn’t focus on it before. I was always cooking and baking. I love to cook for people coming over but it wasn’t until Nice Ribbon came to life that I realised that I can combine two of my favourite things, Designing and Baking.

Your hobbies and passions…

I think I’m one of the lucky people who can say that my biggest passion is my work. I love what I do. I’ve always been in love with Design. I’m a Graphic Designer and I love creating illustrations, in my free time I also enjoy decorating my home and looking for original stores to buy some COOL stuff for the kitchen, living room or whatever space in my apartment that I still have to decorate.

Inspired by…
Everything!  You can find inspiration everywhere. The most important thing is to have an open mind and transform all your ideas and inspirations to life. I like to incorporate every day elements like patterns or textiles into my designs.

Advice for expats thinking about starting up their own businesses in Dubai…

Just go for it!  If you are happy doing it then, you must do it. Dubai is a city with lots of opportunities.

Your favourite place in go for tea and cake in Dubai…

My home… I love to be the host of a nice afternoon with friends chatting and drinking coffee.  I love to bake if I have friends coming to my home.

In Dubai we have so many charming places to have a cup of coffee. It depends on my mood. Whenever I want to get inspired while drinking a nice cup of coffee in a great place, I go to MAKE.  It is always nice to go there and I also love the look and feel of the place with their it’s concept of creativity.  If  I’m looking for a nice and relaxing time I always go to “Baker and Spice” in Marina, they have a pretty good coffee plus an amazing view, and the best thing is that I can enjoy the afternoon on the terrace with the good company, my biggest supporter and husband, and Rucula my lovely Chihuahua.

I love Dubai because…

I love the fact that you have people from all over the world, so many cultures and so many languages with so many accents.  It is always nice to meet people from other countries.  My passion for food started because I love to eat, and that is the nice thing about Dubai, you can find so many places from all over the world with all kinds of food.  You will never run out of nice and delicious places to eat great food.

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