Mother and Daughter

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Recently a few of my friends have become “new” mums with tiny little babies to love and to cherish.  When I leave after a visit, I realize the enormity and responsibility motherhood brings.  What an incredible blessing it is to have a child. I do realize however the sacrifice that a mum makes to look after her little baby.  I am constantly in awe of the unselfish love a mum has.  It doesn`t matter how old one is, our mums will never stop thinking about us and worrying about us.  So this article is dedicated to all those incredible mums out there who never stop loving us, who always have the best advice for us, whose hugs feel like they will solve everything and who are constantly there to guide and support us!  I only hope one day when I have a little family that I am able to be at least half of the person my mum is to me.

What a privilege to be able to share this shoot on Mother`s Day, a very big thank you to JVR Photography for these stunning photographs of Tara and her mum Kellie .  What special memories to treasure for ever!

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