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How do I begin to describe Ana, owner of Nice Ribbon Atelier?  She is kind, caring, helpful, genuine and seriously talented!  Watching Ana working on her baked goodies, is like watching an artist creating a masterpiece.  She is a perfectionist and makes it look so easy.  I have been fortunate enough to have worked with Ana on a few projects and she never fails to interpret the brief above and beyond all expectations, creating a show stopper cake or beautifully made treats.  After working closely with her, we decided it was time to feature her in her home doing what she does best..cakes, cakes and more cakes.  Thank you to Jo Cole for capturing Ana in her home and to Monica from MHG Beauty for making Ana look even more beautiful by doing her hair and makeup!
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Nice Ribbon Atelier
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A word form Ana…
One piece of advice for us when making a cake…

I´ve always said that to make a cake you have to consider all the small details that don`t seem important but make all the difference between baking a perfect cake or a flop.   From measuring each ingredient correctly, to doing each step in the correct order.  My piece of advice is…. don’t rush things!. Desserts, normally take time and attention in order to have a successful and tasty cake.
Three things everyone should have when baking a cake…
1. A good quality Cake Pan, they are not cheap, but believe me! that makes the difference.
2. Measuring tools (that involves cups, spoons, digital scale, etc)
3. TIME (remember don’t rush things when baking…)
Your best tip for balancing work and personal life…
That´s a tough one.. Now a days with all the technology around us, we tend to look at the phone, where you are able to access your emails, calendar, and events in one second!, so I guess my secret is the “no cellphone rule”.
My husband is a very hardworking-busy man, and often when he gets back home I´m still working, and he needs to tie up a few things, so we created our “no cellphone rule”.  This means that when finishing our work, we go for an early evening  walk our little dog Rucula, and we make sure this time is just about us, no cellphones involved.  This gives us the opportunity to tell each other about our day, and to enjoy a lovely walk where it is just the 3 of us and nothing else.
Any guilty pleasures… 
I have lots! But the first that comes to my mind is the Roti Bun. It is a sweet bun that melts slowly in your mouth while you are eating it. I discovered this little piece of deliciousness during a recent trip to Indonesia.  I´ve been a huge fan since that day.  We are lucky as we have the pleasure of visiting lots of places here in Dubai where we can enjoy this buns, so… lucky me!
One thing you can`t live without…
My morning Latte. I think there´s no better way to start your day, than with the smell of freshly made coffee.   I need it to give me energy to start my day.
Photography: Jo Cole Photography
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Hair and makeup -By Monica Hernandez from MHG Beauty
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