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There is nothing more beautiful than a natural photograph that relates a story.  This is exactly what shone through when I saw the images captured by Maria Sundin.  I so enjoyed meeting up with Maria over a cup of coffee.  She is a person who is so easy to relate to and to be around.  It felt as if I had known her for ages and as a result I was able to bombard her with questions!   She is an inspiration to me as she is living her dream after taking a leap of faith and she is making a career out of what she is passionate about!  Her work is truly magnificent and I would highly recommend having a browse through her own blog where she shares images and photography tips.  I loved the layout Maria sent me using her images and so I have left it unchanged.  I am sure you are going to enjoy reading the answers to the questions I asked her!  Enjoy reading this special post!


A brief description about your passion and what it is that you do?

Hi, I’m Maria and I’m a wedding photographer based in Dubai. I’ve always loved and appreciated photography as a skill and form of art, and had always used photography as creative outlet; although it’s when I realised that wedding photography was a trade that I could actually work in, that I really found my passion.

I remember sitting at a headshot photography course and a lady started to describe how she had found her calling in headshot photography; she said she had always wondered how people knew what they wanted to do, and when she found headshot photography, she just knew that’s what she loved. At the time, I almost envied her for finding what she loved, and for another 6 months after that I was still waiting for my moment to come – and that’s when I found wedding photography – or rather, it found me.  When I initially started my photography venture, I always thought I was going to focus more on commercial photography – like selling landscape prints to an image bureau, maybe even do the odd fashion shoot and I knew I liked the fine art style of other photographers. Although after stumbling across Jasmine Star’s ‘Shooting Star’ YouTube clips and seeing Anna Roström and Jose Villa’s amazing work, my photography world was forever changed. Wedding photography just seemed to fit so well with both my personality and style. I love light and airy images, and that combination works so well with wedding and lifestyle photography.
In my job as a wedding photographer, I create memories, which is such a cliché to say but it’s so true. I sell love and honesty. Without the love between two people, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do. My photography style is honest – I like to capture natural photos; true, real photos filled with lots of emotions of people sharing intimate moments together. I feel like the best words that could describe my style would be honest and down-to-earth.
Why you love what you do?
It is difficult to describe why – but I think most of all because it’s fun! And secondly, it’s fun! Hahaha – no in all honesty, I think wedding photography is very diverse in the sense that I can be creative – location scouting before the shoot, on the day capturing of different poses between the couple, and the rest of the day spent sneaking around and capturing raw moments as they happen. The best thing about my job is that you get to see the result of your work quite quickly. I love seeing my photos come alive in print or in a wedding album; I think it’s one of my favourite parts.
Have you always been a photographer?
No, not at all. I’ve previously worked as a consultant and as a marketing manager; although I always had photography as a hobby on the sidelines.
Your main focus of photography?
My focus is wedding photography and engagement photography. Although saying that, I also love capturing portraits of women, couples, families, children and babies. However, during the wedding season most of my attention is focused on engagements sessions and weddings.



Why do you love Dubai?

The sun!!! Who doesn’t like a warm country with beautiful beaches? Dubai is like Stockholm on steroids times 10! It’s a real eclectic city with a perfect blend of cultures, but you have to be on the edge to discover the real Dubai. You can easily fall into your own bubble and there is so much more than that here!


Your favourite place to go for a relaxing cup of tea?

If time allows, I really love going to RAW in Al Quoz although I should probably be buying coffee instead of tea… Lately I’ve realized that being over 30 doesn’t agree with me, no I don’t mean wrinkles (yes I do have them too, but that’s another story) – I just can’t seem to drink caffeine anymore. I get the shakes all over if I have more than half a shot of espresso a week (yes, a week!)… So old age keeps me on tea and water… Or decaf if I’m really craving a cappuccino.  Another really nice place is the café inside the Garden Centre on SHZ!  To be honest, I actually prefer my own organic tea with lemon and ginger, curled up on the sofa with a good book, a gossip mag, or skimming through my photography twitter feed.



Your favourite holiday destination?

I can’t really say a snow vacation now that I just said I love the sun;) Jokes aside, of course it would be a sunny vaca’! My hubbie and my top spot right now is the Greek Islands, we love Greece! The moussaka, the music, the relaxed atmosphere, the blue sea, the fat old men, the bad wine – My big fat Greek wedding, here I come!


All images captured by Maria Sundin Photography








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