Lovely, feminine maternity shoot

Posted on: March 11th, 2014 by Carolyn No Comments

If you thought it could not get better, it just did.  Every image captured from Anna`s maternity shoot is quite simply breathtaking.  Every detail is so soft and feminine.  From the palette of pinks and nudes, to the ruffles and flowers in her dress, it all feels so delicate and light.  Anna`s dress is from Smitten and it is just beautiful, the perfect outfit for a mummy-to-be!  Gul Photography was behind the lens capturing these images to form part of set 2 from the `concept maternity shoot`.  Enjoy all the loveliness found in these photographs.

Maternity-Photography-Dubai-1 Maternity-Photography-Dubai-2 Maternity-Photography-Dubai-3 Maternity-Photography-Dubai-4 Maternity-Photography-Dubai-5 Maternity-Photography-Dubai-6 Maternity-Photography-Dubai-7 Maternity-Photography-Dubai-8 Maternity-Photography-Dubai-9 Maternity-Photography-Dubai-10 Maternity-Photography-Dubai-11 Maternity-Photography-Dubai-12 Maternity-Photography-Dubai-13

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