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Letter writing is close to my heart and I truly believe in this fast paced, consumer driven world we live in, individuals long for something personal.  Something that will touch their hearts, something that will remind them about the important things in life.  It is therefore with great pleasure and excitement that I introduce you to Emma Fletcher, founder of Love Notes.  I am very tempted to tell you all about why Emma is our first `guest blogger` but I will leave it up to her as she explains card and letter writing in April.  I promise that there will be a feature dedicated to Love Notes so that you can learn more about the service they offer but in the mean time enjoy this very special article.

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Only a few days left until April, the official month of card and letter writing, ends

Expats! How many times a week do you say ‘I should call home’. Perhaps you send a brief message. Often you don’t. When did you last send home a card or letter?

April is the official month of card and letter writing (well in the US that is, but at LOVE NOTES, we love the idea so go with us on this one…). Basically – you have just a few days left to shelve the ‘disconnect from the real world guilt’ and do a good deed.  Writing a letter or card can be therapeutic for taking stock of the (already flying) year, and for children, it’s good for using their fine motor skills that (in the day of the touchscreen ‘swipe’), perhaps could do with some practice!  But aside from the benefits for the letter writer, it can be heart-soaringly wonderful for the receiver to discover a handwritten envelope with a licked-on stamp amongst a palm full of envelopes containing bills.

I hoard letters. It probably has some involvement in my UAE stationery business, LOVE NOTES. I can think of a few I particularly cherish:

  • One on my bedside from my mum recalling memories from a trip we took. The detail of moments she remembers are so vivid – often what we ate, drank, saw and the mischief we got up to. She is a wonderful example when it comes to writing notes, and probably the main reason I’m stationery obsessed and decided to embark on my own stationary business here in the UAE.
  • Another, was a letter written in 1948 to my Grandmother congratulating her on the birth of my mother. Reading it, makes me feel close to my Grandmother who passed when I young.
  • A letter from my little nephew trying to write his name;
  • And finally one from my brother from years ago that even now it makes me cry with laughter.

I know my husband also keeps a note given to us by his father when leaving to go overseas. It was honest and sweet, like the man himself, but it is perhaps the only time I’ve seen his handwriting outside of his business log book.  The point is that these letters capture a moment in time that I can easily recall when reading, that a message or even an email wouldn’t.  Ask a parent or a grandparent and I bet there’s not much that could top a letter from you or your child in the post. Despite all the pizazz of a florist or Amazon delivery, to them it ‘aint the same.

So send a letter this month. To support a cause you believe in. To an old friend you only manage to ‘like’ photos of on Facebook these days. To an older relative who inspires you. To an expecting mother who would savour a distraction. To a niece or nephew you are missing. To a loved one at home. To your mother – if you write just one, write it to your mother.  You have a few days and it doesn’t take time (the challenge here will be mailing it!)

Emma Fletcher is the founder of Love Notes, the UAE online site for personalised stationery and gifts.


1. Definition Series

 3. Mr and Mrs

2. Personalised Notepad - Letter Love Design

4. Exclamation Series


IMAGE 1 – Definition Series

Pinpoint the many things a special person represents to you and we use those words to custom-design a gift for them they’ll never forget. Features 50 A5 pages with light blue doves with dictionary meanings of inspirational words in the background. Its inside cover features a royal blue tile pattern. AED 110


IMAGE 2 – Personalised Notepad Series

50 A5 pages personalised with a name or nickname, that are perfect for gifts and for notes left at home or work.

Available in four designs; Letter Love (pictured), Vintage Glamour, Chalkboard Deco and a Lavender Sparkle Stripe.


IMAGE 3 – Mr and Mrs Notepad Series

Available in two designs – either ‘the new name’ or ‘the initials series’.

An ideal wedding gift. This comes in either the classic ‘New Name’ design (see attached photograph) or a more funky ‘initials series’. AED 110.  It includes a 50-page A5 notepad protected by a cover of our decorative card.  The Mr and Mrs series (in the photograph) is available in two themes; Girl Meets Boy or Tiffany Damask. This can be designed for a couple (i.e. ‘Mr and Mrs Jones’) or as a gift for a new wife (i.e. Mrs Jones).


IMAGE 4 – Our Exclamation Series

Ideal for UAE leaving presents or gifts for visitors. Available in designs including: Noted, Yalla!, Habibi and Habibti. A set of three for AED 90 (you choose), 50-paged A6 notepads with a magnetic backing.

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