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Meeting up with Liz from JVR Photograph was such fun.  Her energy and love of life and photography oozed out of her and I felt as if we`d connected straight away.  We had to keep forcing ourselves to concentrate on what we wanted to order as we could not stop talking.  I was so touched at how supportive, encouraging and helpful she was and it has been such a pleasure communicating with her via email.  I definitely think I not only came away with a new photographer to write about but I also came away with a friend.  If you ever need someone to help you to network, Liz is your lady.  In addition to her bubbly personality, she is an incredible photographer, and I was thrilled to receive her images that you can see below.  Can you just imagine how over the moon the Falvey family must have been with their final product?  (These little twins are just too adorable for words!)

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All images taken by JVR Photography

Why you love what you do…

I absolutely love meeting new people and putting them at ease with my quirky sense of humor. Photography has taught me to look at everything differently. Once you are behind the lens you see things with a different perspective, everything is alot more beautiful! My purpose as a photographer is to use my  professional experience to love and serve my clients and to deliver beautiful images that they will treasure for a lifetime. I always joke with my wedding clients that I love taking pictures so much, that if they don’t chase me away, I will come on honeymoon with them to continue shooting!

Your main focus of photography…

I love photographing couples that are in love – it makes me fall in love with my hubby all over again!  I always try an make a photo session fun, this way I get to capture my clients true personalities  – when they give those huge natural laughs. The guys are usually shy so I get the girlfriends or fiancé’s to tickle them etc. I just love having fun with my clients. Engagement shoots and family photos must be my fav. During a family session I always get photos of just mom and dad in a loving embrace or ask them to sneak in a kiss… life is busy when you have kids and its important to remember the love you have for each other.

Why do you love Dubai…

I have been in Dubai for over 8 years, and I would simply cry my eyes out if I had to leave. Safety is the number one reason why I love it here. Oh and I love the heat for some reason!!  I do miss clouds and blue skies, but winter in Dubai makes up for it.

Your favourite place to go for a relaxing cup of tea…

On my couch with a good episode of Greys Anatomy or survivor if its running – Love pre-recoded tv!

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