Gifts for a bride-to-be…

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I love giving gifts, especially wrapping them up and adding a special little message.  A friend of mine`s sister is getting married in October.  Her bridesmaids thought of such an original idea.  They have started a monthly count down to her special day. As each month begins they surprise her with the same number of gifts as the number of months left to her wedding day.  I wanted to share this with you and I have found a few ideas of gifts to inspire you if you are thinking of a cute way to let a bride-to-be know how excited you are for her.  You could attach a little note to each gift to make it quirky and fun.

1 pair of panties 2 cupcakes 3 cake pops 4 balloons 5 nail polish 6 envelopes


Image Source: Cover photograph/1/2/3/5

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