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Pastel colours, flowers, baked treats and a pink Kitchen Aid are a few of my favourite things and to find them altogether is definitely a recipe for a beautiful styled shoot.  I am always thinking of special and unique themes for ladies birthday parties, baby showers and kitchen teas and I think I have just found the perfect inspiration.  Paula Scalco photographed this look and I love it.  It makes me think of the English countryside and delicious warm scones.  It would be a simple yet effective look to put together.  Asking family and friends to raid the cupboards for all their pretty crockery is a start as the more mix-match the better – as long as it is pastel, floral and pretty.  Then all you would need to do is find a pretty home or garden to set the backdrop for a beautiful afternoon tea.

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Inspiration for the styled shoot:

The idea for this shoot came about when Sony invited me to try their new cameras.  I started brain storming and with the help of my friends from Art Village, the styled shoot was born.  It took place in my own home (it is decorated a bit like a vintage cottage).  And my pink kitchen ( I love pink, and all the accessories seen on the photos is what I use to bake!).  So the theme was “everything feminine, cute with a touch of vintage!”.   The images show how with a bit of pastel colour, nice soft natural light, lovely fresh flowers and cute accessories, a space can look beautiful and dreamy.
Photographer – Paula Scalco Photography
Styling- Art village Design 
Sweets – The Brigadeiro Compan
Traditional Brazilian CakeDelina Brazilian recipe in Abu Dhabi 

A word from the photographer…


Describe your Photography…

I’m a lifestyle and wedding Photographer.  I also have a passion for photographing food and details.

My style is feminine.

I am a lover of a soft and dreamy romantic style.

Why you love what you do…

I love photographing because it is a way to show other people a beautiful world through my lenses.  It is a way to capture moments that will last for a lifetime once captured in a photo.  And I feel really happy when people smile looking at the images that I take.

One shoot you will always remember…

My first local Arabic wedding. It took my breath away the amount of beautiful flowers and the size of the venue it was in. There were so many nice details, that for a second I was a bit lost on where to start photographing. It was a lovely night, and I think living here in Dubai, it is an amazing opportunity to learn a bit more about the culture and customs.

Why you love Dubai…

I`ve been living in Dubai for the past 7 years. Since the beginning it has been a place where I feel safe, and very welcome.  Dubai has given me the opportunity to experience amazing music concerts, photography events, exposition in art galleries and gastronomy from all over the world. There is always so much to see and do.  It is also the place where I met my husband, and it is where I call home now.

Your favourite place to go for a relaxing cup of tea…

That is a good question! As I am a massive fan of tea (specially a proper afternoon tea!). There are so many nice places to go in Dubai. But definitely my favourite is Al Fayroos Lounge, Al Qasar – Madinat Jumeirah. They make a beautiful afternoon tea, with a great selection of loose tea, and lovely freshly baked scones. While overlooking the winding waterways, gardens, and Burj Al Arab. Funny enough, that was the place I choose to have my mini-wedding reception.

Your favourite holiday destination…

Japan! I am so in love with that country! From the amazing culture, to the traditional temples, and high tech cities! I try to visit Japan once a year to explore all the surprises that island has to give.


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