Cupcake Bar…inspiration

Posted on: May 3rd, 2016 by Carolyn Russell No Comments

I have had a slight obsession with cupcakes for as long as I can remember.  There was a time when I was baking and decorating them almost everyday.  These cute, little treats can be used for any occasion and guests always get excited when they see them on the dessert table.

We all know how much fun it is to have a little `activity` available for guests in between mingling and enjoying themselves.  An `activity` station is also a lovely ice-breaker for those guests who have arrived not knowing anyone.  A `decorate your own cupcake` station seems like the perfect idea.  There really is no limit as to what you can do and how you can set this up.  As long as you have deliciously baked cupcakes, pretty icing and interesting toppings,  your guests will have a ball!  You might like to have a variety of cupcake and icing flavors to make things a little more interesting.  Below are a few of my favourite pics to give you some ideas.

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