Creating That Perfect Bridal Shower…DIY Tips

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We know that it can be overwhelming to be left in charge of organising a bridal shower for a special-bride-to-be especially if you are like me and you love attention to detail.  However it can often turn into a stressful affair.  We decided we wanted to reduce the stress levels and inspire you to get creative at home by using a few DIY touches in our decor.  Included in today`s feature is a DIY tip from each professional who helped make our shoot come to life.  Get your note pads ready and enjoy!


Liz from JVR Photography says:

Start planning ahead with regards to what you want to use in the DIY concept – and have plenty of newspaper laid out if you are working with glue or spray paint. Have a few test items ready to test out your spray painting skills.


Emma from Love Notes says:

Gift or favour tags in a variety of shapes can be cut from all kinds of paper (even decorative pages in luxury magazines!) Make one or two templates on scrap card then trace away and stamp with a hole punch. Tie them with different kinds of ribbon, twine or even wool. Don’t be afraid to embellish them, write on them and contrast textures, patterns and ties!


Martin from says:

A little planning will mean you have your hearts desire.  Every time you see an image of flowers you would love to have, save it.  At the same time get on with all of your other shower decisions. Then once you have, in your head, the colours scheme and your overall theme go and visit a florist.  If you have your heart set on specific flowers, then you should visit the florist at least 10 days in advance, if you can.  Show them the flowers you need and tell them the date of your shower etc. They should be able to estimate prices and confirm availability.  Collect the flowers 2 days in advance and ‘condition’ well.  Conditioning will ensure your flowers stay crisp for the shower. See

My other piece of advice is to do at least one ‘dry run’.  Do this using the cheapest flowers available as its only testing your skill.

Coming Soon:  FLOWERS.AE will open a new flowershop in the Village Mall on Jumeirah Beach Road.  Look forward to seeing you all there


Ana from Nice Ribbon Atelier says:

My tip for a DIY successful personalized dessert is to always make a sketch before you start designing your beautiful edible pieces. It is always helpful to have something in mind, before you start your project. It will help you in the process to organize your ideas.

Angelique from Once Upon a Tea Time says:
To recreate something similar to this look you could use tea cups in unconventional ways; as vases or you could flip a teacup over and place the saucer on top like an individual cupcake stand.
Sunny from Sunny`s POP says:
To create the popcorn and cotton candy elements, we used food safe craft paper glued at the corners making “cones” in the colours we liked best. The cotton candy and popcorn should be purchased on the day for the intended use or colors and texture might be compromised. To shape the cotton candy “pops” simple pull a large amount of the candy into your clean, dry hands and shape gently into a ball and poke a paper straw into the bottom. 
Monica from MHG hair & makeup artist says:
These 3 looks are perfect for a bridal shower or a night out with the girls. From a multiple pony tail to loose waves with a pretty braid.  To get the loose waves look which are super trendy right now:
1. Apply a heat protectant product on all your hair. Blow dry your hair focusing on smoothing the roots.
2. Once your hair is dry, Curl your hair using medium size sections with a curling iron or wand, leaving roots and ends out. Begin at the back of the head and work your way to the front. Apply a bit of hairspray all over and let it cool.
3. When your hair is cool, comb it with an open teeth comb (not a brush) to make the waves looser and get a more undone look.
4. Apply your favourite shine spray or as I do and love, apply a little bit of argan oil to the ends.
IAC - Behind the scenes2
Kat from Recipe Cards says:
People love personal! You don’t have to make things to make them personal. You might not be a baker or a cook but almost all of us have that one thing that we cook or bake that we do really well, sharing that is a precious gift, a gift for life. Its a gift my mum gave me and one I am eternally grateful for and still learning every chance I get. A bunch of tried and tested recipes from  family and friends is a wonderfully personal thoughtful gift. I live for my mum’s apple tart and I’ve shared my Baileys Toblerone Cheesecake recipe more times than I can remember!
Andre from Emirates Golf Club; The Royal Majlis venue:
Let the creative juices flow and don’t be scared to experiment with ideas!

Creative Team/Service Providers:

Styling – `I am captivated` and JVR Photography

Photography – JVR Photography 

Flowers –

Tea Cups and Plates – Once Upon a Tea Time

Stationery – Love Notes

Cupcake Recipe Card – Recipe Cards: email hidden; JavaScript is required

Cakes and Cupcakes – Nice Ribbon Atelier

Popcorn and Cotton Candy – Sunny`s Pop

Model Hair and Make-up – MHG hair & makeup artist

Emirates Golf Club: The Royal Majlis venue

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