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Although I am not a mum, I understand how precious the time with little ones is, especially as they grow up and change so quickly!  When I saw Chantell`s photos, I was spellbound and blown away by her incredible talent. I  felt honoured as I was able to share treasured and exciting moments in her little twin’s lives.  Her photographs are not just your standard images, there is something truly unique and mesmerising as she tells the story of her children from behind her lens.  New experiences, adventures, exploring and a whole lot of fun is what it’s all about for these two little tots.  I find myself browsing through her work whenever I need ” a feel good moment” as it always reminds me that each and every day is a blessing.  I was beside myself with excitement when I saw Chantell’s work and couldn’t wait to write a feature on it as I knew you would all love her work too.

Have a look at more of Chantell’s work on her website Chasing Tydes.

sun flare




tyde smile

















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Tyde x mas_


Briefly describe your passion…

I am a natural light, lifestyle photographer.  Lifestyle photography to me is all about capturing emotion, connections and light.  My style of photography is focused on my subject with minimal distractions, yet at times I love to incorporate more documentary style images, showing a moment as it really happens

Why do you love what you do…

I love what I do for the memories that it creates.  As a mom of two small boys I know how fleeting a stage in their development can be and I strive to capture as much of it as I can.  I think the quote by Aaron Sussman best sums it up for me:

” Photography is a way of feeling, of touching , of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything”

Have you always been a photographer…

I have always loved photography and I have taken photos along the way but it was only after the birth of my twins that I got more interested in it and in the last year  it has become my goal and passion to learn and develop as much as I can.

Your main focus in your photography…

At the moment my main focus is photographing my children.  Running after toddlers is one of the hardest, yet most rewarding things I get to do. Little people often don’t listen or take direction. So I observe and play along and capture the little details, this includes all the laughs and silliness along with those dreaded tantrums!

Why do you love Dubai…

I love Dubai for the energy and the people,  and for opportunities that I don’t think I would have gotten else where in the world

Your favourite place to go for a relaxing cup of tea (in between running after your twins)…

Actually my favoruite place is my own porch when the sun is setting and the day is winding down ..



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