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Today we bring more talent and creativity to the blog and it is with great pleasure that we welcome CC Rossler Photography.  Below you will find a selection of images that reflect her work.  Be sure to look out for more of her work right here on “I am captivated”.  I am always inspired when I meet naturally gifted people and it was through my brother I met CC in South Africa.  Although CC is based in SA with her husband and two adorable children she is a destination wedding photographer and enjoys nothing better than travelling the world taking photographs that capture moments to treasure forever…so that should make us all very excited. Italy, Mauritius, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Australia and Canada are just a few of the countries that CC has visited to capture weddings with her lens.  Looking forward to show casing more of her natural, authentic and amazing photographs!

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Briefly describe your passion and what it is that you do…

I tell a story in pictures about the biggest day of my client’s lives. I love beautiful detail and striking scenery as well as the quiet moments in between. I strive to capture authentic, intimate emotions that capture the love between two people. 
Why you love what you do…
I get to meet the most wonderful people. I travel. I make art for a living. I adore the challenges of the day combined with the high of capturing the perfect moment, perfectly!
Have you always been a photographer…
My mom gave me a camera when I was very little and I still remember the thrill of going to get my prints collected from the lab. I have always been interested but never had the courage to really chase making a living out of it. My husband pushed me to take the leap and here I am.
Your main focus of photography…
People who love each other. Preferably on their wedding day and ideally in an amazing country.
You have photographed destination weddings in…
Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Mexico, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, and Canada. And I’m excited about Malta happening later this year.
What makes destination weddings so special…
I have a Gypsy heart. I love discovering a new country and having an amazing couple to photograph there is an unbelievable privilege. 
Tips for brides planning destination weddings…
Get married on paper at home first, save all the pain and hassle of trying to do it legally in another country and then hoping it’s official on home soil. Sign the papers that make you legal partners, then go have a meaningful ceremony where you get truly married at your destination wedding.
Your favourite holiday destination…
Spain, Kenya and Cambodia. I love bright, vibrant cultures with warm smiles and lots of music. South America will blow my mind one day soon!

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  1. Great photos! Some of them are quite emotional, that’s how the weddings should be! Thank you!

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