“Wild” Animal Party – Celebration Box

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We loved celebrating our little boys 1st birthday in September.  I was in my element custom designing a Celebration Box just for him.  After how much he enjoyed his first trip to a game reserve in South Africa, we knew his theme had to be animal related and so I came up with the theme “Wild” Animal Party.  Bright…

Happy Birthday – Celebration Box

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Birthdays should always be celebrated in a fun and colourful way!  Our Happy Birthday  Box is all that and more and we love how it is not limited to age or gender!  We have no doubt that this box is bound to make all attending the party feel happy and inspired.  Bright colours and bold…

Modern Box – Celebration Box

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How about a little box geared more towards the modern day adult (although this box is certainly not only for adults).  Our Modern Box is trendy yet sophisticated and would work well at all celebrations.  We love the small touches of geometric lines which add a contemporary edge to this Celebration Box.  There are lots of…

Christmas is coming…

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Christmas is around the corner and I always find myself wondering how it came around again so quickly!  We are currently in SA enjoying very special quality time with family and friends!  Here is hoping you all have a fantastic festive season.  We thought we would celebrate with these beautiful Christmas biscuits and cake made…

Party Camel`s 3rd Birthday

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Who doesn`t enjoy a party, especially one with a whole bunch of colour?  I was so honoured to have been invited to Party Camel`s 3rd birthday a few months ago and then extremely disappointed to have missed it due to a lack of planning from my side! It looked like such fun and it certainly…

Happy Easter…styled shoot

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Carolyn easter shoot-32

A very Happy Easter to everyone!  We had planned to feature this inspiration a little before Easter, but being in South Africa on holiday, with a lack of wifi made it all a little tricky.  We are thrilled to be able to share it with you tonight!  Together with a number of talented ladies, we…

Vintage Fair…styled shoot

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Vintage Fair - The Beach - 46

This styled `birthday` shoot, captured by Paula Scalco, was born out of a love for vintage themes, girly details and an endless amount of pretty things.  Take these elements, combine them with a fun fair, and you have the perfect setting.  This is exactly what three creative ladies did.  A photographer, a makeup artist and a cake…

Peppa Pig…party

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To all those little Peppa Pig fans out there, and we know there are a lot of you, this one is for you – or rather for your mummy and daddy, who might need a little inspiration.  You are already very familiar with LuluPop and the amazing parties they put together and today we are…

Cuppa for Cansa…inspiration

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Today, we are sharing a very special event, that is held in the month of June in South Africa called `Cuppa for Cansa`.  It is a way of socialising with those you care about while raising funds for a very worthy cause!  Although we are only in February, I couldn`t wait to share these beautiful images…

Hot chocolate…a quick tip

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Happy Valentine`s Day to all of you whether you are single, dating, engaged or married.  Celebrating those we appreciate and love is for everyone!  But this post is for those of you are trying to think of a quick and easy way to show that extra special person you care. If you really don`t have…