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It`s been far too long since `I am captivated` has seen a pretty post and there are no excuses.  So what better way to begin inspiring you again than with a gorgeous family shoot captured by email hidden; JavaScript is required.  I have recently come back from a trip home to South Africa and I come back being reminded of just how special family time is.  There is just nothing quite like it.  My love and appreciation for family is probably one of the reasons why I adore and treasure family shoots.  I  always love the way Natalie captures images that are natural and relaxed, how gorgeous is little Ava.  Here are a few words from Natalie about the shoot:

Kelly contacted me as she wanted a relaxed shoot on the beach with just the three of them; they have been living in Dubai for a few years and wanted to capture some memories of their life here before the weather heats up. 

When I do family shoots it’s important for me to capture a good variety and range of images for my client to choose from.  For a shoot like this, I would typically have around 70 ‘draft’ images for my clients to view in their online gallery.  I like to give a lot of choice as its hard for me to select which ones are going to be their ultimate favourites.  When I shoot I naturally and consciously imagine how those images are going to look once they are up on the wall.  How would they be displayed? 

With that in mind I like to give some direction to my families – I find that most families need a little guidance on what to do.  This also helps us to have some variety to the photos; it also helps everyone to chill out in front of the camera a little more.  And that’s when the best moments happen – when everyone is feeling relaxed, their personalities and feelings can shine.

Kelly, Eric and Ava final photos-45Kelly, Eric and Ava final photos-49Kelly, Eric and Ava final photos-6Kelly, Eric and Ava final photos-30Kelly, Eric and Ava final photos-28Kelly, Eric and Ava final photos-32Kelly, Eric and Ava final photos-36Kelly, Eric and Ava final photos-22Kelly, Eric and Ava final photos-16Kelly, Eric and Ava final photos-9Kelly, Eric and Ava final photos-47

All images captured by : Natalie Robinson Photography


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