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Nothing is more exciting then dreaming up something magical and watching it come to life thanks to the contribution of a few talented individuals.  Here at `I am captivated` we aim to inspire, captivate and motivate you to take life`s special moments and make them into something even more extraordinary and memorable.  It was an honour to work with some of Dubai`s top creatives and to watch how they took ownership of the theme by incorporating their own interpretations so professionally and effortlessly – a dream team I tell you.

IAC - Behind the scenes

Liz from JVR Photography says…

Working with Carolyn from `I am captivated` was an absolute breeze – super organised with the planning process, I received a spreadsheet with all the vendor`s details etc.  I loved working with her,  she is super nice! We had an awesome time doing some of the DIY details a few weeks before the shoot and I even got a delicious dinner!  Overall it was fabulous to work with `I am captivated` and I can’t wait for the next super organised shoot! Did I mention how organised she is?


Monica from MHG Hair & Make Up Artist says…

I love doing styled shoots and there’s nothing like collaborating with professionals, both Carolyn from `I am captivated` and Liz from JVR Photography had everything organised and perfectly orchestrated.  When I arrived and started looking at the amazing cakes, stationery, tea cups, flavoured popcorn, the pastel colours, and how Carolyn had put everything together, my imagination ran wild and I just wanted to get my hair and makeup kit out and begin creating art on the 3 beautiful models.  And then came Liz who is outstanding at compositions and is such a perfectionist. The result, incredibly beautiful photographs that speak for themselves.

IAC - Behind the scenes2


Ana from Nice Ribbon Atelier says…

 It is always a pleasure to work with people that enjoy what they are doing, while doing it with an amazing quality. The simple fact of seeing `I am captivated` and “JVR Photography” working in such a passionate way, inspires me in every way. 


Emma from Love Notes says…

It’s a creative person’s dream to be given a pastel palette for an event like this and told (basically) ‘the sky is the limit’. We used a variety of the shades and kept things fun and feminine. Rather than have everything match, we focused more on personality of items (in  fact, this is the brand ethos of all Love Notes’ work) and used materials we easily find in the UAE so that anyone holding a bridal shower can imitate them! Hats off to and JVR Photography for bringing so many elements together with such sass!


Martin from says…

The ‘shoot’ event was great fun as I am sure you can see from the photographs.  Carolyn and Liz were extremely professional in the organisation.  It was also very satisfying to be in co-operation with other professionals who all cater to making events run well.


Sunny from Sunny`s POP says…

I was very excited to be invited to participate in this “sweet” shoot. Each detail was carefully reviewed and placed perfectly.  Thank you for asking us to contribute. 


Kat from Recipe Cards says…

For me working with I am captivated was an uplifting experience there was so much positive energy going around. Everything about the shoot was chic and elegant, the theme and colour scheme gave me the opportunity to try something completely new. It was just a joy to work in such a creative environment with such talented people.


Angelique from Once Upon a Tea Time says…

Being able to work with the ladies of ‘I am Captivated’ and JVR photography is a privilege and is absolutely amazing! So talented in what they do and are appreciative, it’s definitely a plus when working with genuine people. 


Andre from Emirates Golf Club Dubai (The Royal Majlis) says…

I’m very impressed by how professional, fun and creative everybody were on the set. They worked well as a team and came up with some brilliant ways on how to make Every Ladies dream come true from start to finish. The planning was very well executed and one could feel the excitement in the air as they worked through each shoot. I hope that I could work with them more in the future as well with Special Events here at Emirates Golf Course and the great venue we do offer.

Creative Team:

Styling – `I am captivated` and JVR Photography

Photography – JVR Photography 

Flowers –

Tea Cups and Plates – Once Upon a Tea Time

Stationery – Love Notes

Cupcake Recipe Card – Recipe Cards: email hidden; JavaScript is required

Cakes and Cupcakes – Nice Ribbon Atelier

Popcorn and Cotton Candy – Sunny`s Pop

Model Hair and Make-up – MHG hair & makeup artist

Emirates Golf Club: The Royal Majlis venue

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    Love this! Well done, and so great to see the people behind the amazingness featured on this site.

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    I got so happy when I stumbled across this! I was the waitress who served you that day!

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