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Brand new age appropriate toys!  No shopping required!  No clutter!  What`s there not to love about Baby Box Swop?  How exciting to receive this box of toys/activities for my little one.  An added bonus is the detailed instruction sheet on how to use each activity.  No need to wrack your brain and do a whole lot of research to work out what your baby needs for that specific month in order to enhance his development.  As a teacher I believe there is so much that can be done at home to guide your child and encourage learning before he/she attends school in a fun and fulfilling way.  Baby Box Swop is a tool you can use to help you while having fun with your little one.  I love the concept, I love the logo, I love the bright colours and look forward to trying it out… Delia Watts explains more about this clever box of `tricks`.

A brief description about your business and what it is that you do… 

Baby Box Swop is an International easy to follow Sensory Processing and Milestone Development daily program for babies/toddlers from birth to 3 years. 

Each month you will receive a different themed box with different activities to do, with a detailed instruction sheet on how to do each activity with your baby. We are an educational program which works alongside the specifically selected toys in a box. The best results are evident after a few months of using Baby Box & you will see a difference in your baby’s concentration, memory & general cognitive skills to mention a few. Even easy enough for Nannies to do with baby while working Mom’s have peace of mind that baby is getting adequate stimulation through the day. 

A great advantage of swopping boxes on a monthly basis, is that you won’t end up collecting as many toys and with each new program the toys and kit change to avoid boredom and to keep baby motivated and interested.

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Why you love what you do…


I get the greatest pleasure out of seeing the progress a child makes when they discover & learn something new, recognise something or achieve something they couldn’t do before.



Why children in the UAE would benefit from your product/service…

A substantial amount of time is spent indoors in the UAE due to weather constraints. When you need to entertain or stimulate a toddler or baby, Baby Box Swop gives you the perfect means to do so. Over & above that, baby is learning whilst playing. Something that is also very important is getting the correct stimulation everyday. It’s very easy to put a puzzle in front of a child & expect them to play. Our daily program guides Mom or Nanny through the early development teaching process using our 7 step “How to teach me guide”. Your little one needs daily demonstration, revision, questions & the opportunity to interact & answer in order to absorb & retain information. Baby Box Swop is also perfect for working mothers in UAE who have a Nanny at home & want to ensure their baby is getting the appropriate stimulation on a daily basis.



An item from one of your boxes that you particularly love…

Our boxes are filled with great educational toys as well as everyday items to teach baby the basics, but it’s how you use each item that gives the best results. One of my favourites is the ‘messy play’ items such as finger paints, water bowls & our beach sand bucket of activities. They are perfect for sensory stimulation & babies have so much fun while playing. 


Why you love Dubai…

I have seen Dubai grow over the past 15 years of living here & it still amazes me how quickly construction gets completed & how a new road always seems to appear, that I’ve never seen. The city is constantly evolving & I can only imagine what it’ll be like in another 15 years. I love the buzz it has & there is something to be said about how fascinatingly Cosmopolitan it is. I have friends from so many different countries & I love the fact that each of them has a different take on any given subject. Although I miss the beauty of my home country, Dubai is home.


Your favourite place to go for a relaxing cup of tea…

When I get a chance to have a relaxing cup of tea, it would be enjoyed at Bean Scene in the Dnata Building on Sheikh Zayed Road, so my daughter can have a play at the adjacent play area. 


Your favourite holiday destination…

A ski trip in the Italian Alps.


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Baby Box Swop UAE



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