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We are starting the summer break here in Dubai with a charming and rustic baby shower from Fortuitous Events.  Carefully choosing what food to serve and have on display helps to tie everything together and is a perfect match with the theme!  I would absolutely love to dive into that scrummy looking apple pie.  Such a clever idea for favours, giving a little pot plant to your guests as a favour when they leave.  Love it!


Fortuitous Events –

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What to you do…

Fortuitous is an events planning company catering mostly to bespoke and intimate events. We customise and tailor events to suit every individual’s requirement. We focus mostly on the element of creating; almost everything in our events is designed and handmade by ourselves. 

Why you love what you do…

There are many reasons but mostly because we are given a chance to celebrate milestones with wonderful people. Whether it’s a baby shower, bridal shower, engagement, photoshoot, or wedding, these people have entrusted us in creating these unforgettable moments for them to share with their loved ones and it really doesn’t get better than that. 

An event you will always remember…

It is hard to pick just one because each one is memorable in its own way but surprisingly both of us remembered the Garden Elements event first. I think because it was a challenge for us and stylistically different from what we usually do. We were given a blank canvas and we needed to make sure every inch of that venue had purpose. We did tons of DIYs for this event. The concrete candle votive and the crescent napkins; we even built a dessert station table using furniture scraps. 

Why you love the UAE…

What’s not to love? Everything about the UAE is just remarkable. We were both born here and lived most of our lives in Abu Dhabi. There’s just no place in the world that we can call home. Living in the UAE you are exposed to a diverse group of people from different parts of the world who celebrate differently and it’s all just inspiring! 

Your favourite place to go for a relaxing cup of tea…

It’s funny you ask that, when we first started Fortuitous, we decided to add a cup to our logo. A cup (whether tea or coffee) in our opinion is the ideal way to share ideas and get personal. It was also a symbol of our undying love for coffee and tea. Mona is the coffee lover of the duo, she has dedicated an hour of her morning specifically to her coffee. For me (Rasha), tea is my vice. Tea is the ultimate stress reliever for me. For both of us, the most relaxing place for a cup of tea/coffee is home. 

Your favourite holiday destination…

Rasha: definitely Japan! It is just so magical.

Mona: Atlanta, USA. It’s second home to me. 

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