About Me


I’m the kind of person Pinterest was built for. I’m passionate about creativity and beauty, and can literally sit for hours looking at images of anything from interior decor to food. I love looking at wedding shots, even though my big day has since passed. One day it occurred to me that I should perhaps do something about this slight obsession and so ‘i am captivated’ was born.


It’s been an incredibly exciting and inspiring journey so far, and has put me in the path of so many creative and talented people. It’s fantastic to see Dubai’s creative scene quickly springing to life, and to realise the awesome opportunities afforded to us expats in this wildly dynamic city.


My goal is to celebrate life`s special moments, no matter how big or small as well as to showcase a wide spectrum of talented individuals (as well as their work), both abroad and right here in the Middle East. It’s true that pictures speak a thousand words, and through this blog I hope to encourage and motivate people to add that extra touch or detail to your lives and homes. From baking biscuits to setting tables, planning weddings to decorating homes, there’s something to stimulate everyones’ senses here at ‘i am captivated’. I look forward to have you joining me on this exciting adventure!