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It’s always an honour to feature a friend’ s special celebration. Meg and Rok’s wedding day is no exception and such a great privilege.  It was so exciting to hear how happy Meg was when she and Rok started dating and even more exciting to hear that they had become engaged.  Working for Emirates means these two have travelled and explored their fair share of countries so it only seemed fitting that they incorporated a travel theme into their wedding day.  Looking through the images it is clear that every detail had been cleverly thought out adding their personal touches to various elements of their day…how cute is the cake topper?  These beautiful images were captured by Wendy Thomas from Art Photo.  I am just blown away by the couple shoot!
Briefly explain how you met…
Rok joined Emirates in 2013 and I met him during his first few weeks in Dubai.
How did he propose…
I bought Rok a guitar for his 30th birthday. He plays a traditional string instrument from Slovenia and wanted to give the guitar a go. A few weeks later we were having a very normal dinner with a glass of wine when Rok asked me to go get dressed up and meet him outside on the balcony. The balcony was adorned with candles and rose petals and his guitar… He picked the guitar up and to my surprise started playing a song. I was so surprised firstly that he could play and secondly that he was playing a song from my favourite animated kids movie Frozen. The song ends with a perfect “can I say something crazy, will you marry me” to which I suitably replied “can I say something even crazier – yes!” It was clear that he knew how to make me laugh and cry at the same time and he even managed to take a photo of the moment!
The highlight of your wedding day…
Oh wow there are so many. I must say walking into the reception hall after our photoshoot and being announced as Mr and Mrs Music was probably one of the greatest moments of my life. I had my husband right next to me and a room full of people who loved us and supported us and who were so happy for us. It was a very emotional day for me, but that moment was probably one of the most beautiful memories for me. My mom and sisters also created a book for me from all my closest family members and friends to read on the morning off the wedding. It was the most special thing anyone has ever done for me. Another highlight was also a special flash mob dance that was organised by a special friend. I had no idea what was going on but when my favourite song started playing (firework by Katy Perry) everyone surrounded me and I danced liked the happiest girl in the world. It was the greatest day ever.
Your wedding venue…
Rok and I got married at Bon Cap wine farm in Robertson, South Africa. One of my best friends had gotten married at the same venue 2 years before me and her wedding was incredible. She had a wedding weekend where people joined in for a braai the night before and a breakfast the day after. With lots of people flying in from far it was exactly what we wanted. I had worked closely with the event co-ordinator at the farm too and loved her spunk and style. The day after we got engaged I phoned her to asked for availability and we paid our deposit.
Any advice you can suggest to brides planning their own wedding…
So many people told me not to sweat the small stuff… While I do think it’s good advice not to become too preoccupied with all the little details, details are still important. If you aren’t good at these things (like me), ask someone who is. I “appointed” 2 of my most talented and creative friends to be my wedding planners. They helped me so much thoughout the planning process but even more so on the day of the wedding. One was steaming my dress whilst the other was running errands. I was the calmest bride because of them. Also, you are always going to see pictures on blogs or Pinterest of ideas that you wish you had incorporated or maybe had the money to incorporate. Don’t get too carried away into the fantasy of it all… Remember that at the end of the day the only thing that truly matters is the union between you and your husband.
Any DIY elements in your wedding…
LOTS! And thankfully I have wonderful friends and family who helped so much. Table place cards, swizzle sticks, gift boxes, boutonnieres, world map seating plan, signage to the wedding, ring cushions. You name it, we made it.
Your favourite part of planning your wedding…
I’m a great thinker. Not a great doer. The best part for me was looking for ideas. Our wedding theme was “travel” and I had so much fun dreaming up ideas of how to incorporate something we love into our big day. (Once again… Don’t get too caught up in it, unless your budget is huge).
Any challenges while planning your wedding…
The biggest challenge we faced was probably being in Dubai and planning a wedding from overseas. With that being said our wedding coordinator, Michelle from Bon Cap was outstanding and made something that could have been a disaster into a delight. She always answered emails within hours and went out of her way to make our day incredible. We couldn’t have done it without her.
Tell us about your dress…
Ooooooh. I love my dress. Unfortunately being far away from my mom and sisters I didn’t have the opportunity to take them with for a dress fitting, but luckily I have an amazing group of friends in Dubai who stepped up to the challenge. The moment I tried my dress on, both my friend and I burst into tears and we knew it was the one (Typical girl moment). It’s a St Patrick’s dress from Spain and has everything I ever wanted. Lace and tulle. Sleeves and a full skirt. It’s the most beautiful thing I have ever worn and I thank my mom everyday for the best gift ever.
What song did you choose for your first dance…
We opened the dance floor to Ed Sheeran’s – thinking out loud”,but it definitely wasn’t a sway from side to side dance. Rok and I went for dance lessons and performed a choreographed dance that was a suprise to everyone in the crowd. We even had a dirty dancing jump in the middle of it all. Another dream come true…
Any other useful information …
A close family friend posted some photos on Facebook after our wedding saying: “Every now and again you go to a wedding that’s not all about the venue, menu and decor (although it was all magical), but one that focuses on the love between two special people and the love for their families. This was one of those weddings. Lots of love, joy and laughter, beautiful heartfelt speeches and happy tears. Special memories , new friends and of course loads of fun!”
Those words meant everything to me, because at the end of the day, that is what it is truly about.
Suppliers :
Venue: Bon Cap Robertson
South African coordinator (decor and flowers):Michelle from Bon Cap
Dress: St Patrick’s – the Wedding Shop Dubai
Wall stickers: E-Walls Dubai
Make up: Peach Cronje make up
Hair: Eldine Gerber (friend)
Dance choreography: Martin from James and Alex dance studio
Wedding photography: Wendy Thomas – art photo
Cake: Lulubelle’s bakes (Lyndsey McEwan)
Lazer cutouts: secret diary

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