A multi cultural love story…

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The fascinating thing about Dubai is the mix of so many unique cultures.  I love meeting new people and it is always very interesting to find out where they are from and to hear a little bit about their home countries.   So it comes as no surprise that a couple getting married in this city could easily be from different parts of the world.  Kate and Ali are one of these gorgeous couples.  Katie is English, and wait for it, Ali is Arabic Chinese Singaporean. Where else in the world would you find such an amazing mix of cultures?  Can you just imagine what fun it must have been incorporating all those different elements into their wedding and they did just that.  The couple decided on having 3 traditional ceremonies on the same day.  Wow!

I can`t write about this wedding without mentioning Katie`s dress.  The texture, softness, swirls and beautiful bead work caught my eye straight away, I love a dress that portrays a romantic story.  What a beautiful bride, not to mention a very dashing groom!  Enjoy looking at all the quirky details.  They certainly thought of everything.   Goldfish Photography & Video were there to capture this wedding celebration at the Park Hyatt Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi.  I had a very difficult time choosing which photographs to use, so I chose most of them.

Kate & Ali-215
Kate & Ali-023
Kate & Ali-005
Kate & Ali-077
Kate & Ali-030
Kate & Ali-045 Kate & Ali-057
Kate & Ali-046
Kate & Ali-128
Kate & Ali-162
Kate & Ali-369
Kate & Ali-160
Kate & Ali-204
Kate & Ali-262 Kate & Ali-254
Kate & Ali-254
Kate & Ali-233 Kate & Ali-229
Kate & Ali-227
Kate & Ali-250 Kate & Ali-212
Kate & Ali-209 Kate & Ali-225
Kate & Ali-349 Kate & Ali-348
  Kate & Ali-343
 Kate & Ali-344 Kate & Ali-339
Kate & Ali-399
Kate & Ali-435
Kate & Ali-421
Kate & Ali-420
Kate & Ali-394
All images taken by Goldfish Photography & Video

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