A girls night in… Inspiration

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After the long summer break, Dubai is starting to pick up again and you can feel the buzz and excitement as friends meet and catch up after the holidays!  Don`t get me wrong I love a Tuesday night out with ladies but I also love to host a few friends at home where we can lounge on the couch and have a proper chin wag over delicious treats and yummy drinks, something my friends and I like to do often.  We make an occasion out of it, by adding a little bit of classy decor and lighting the candles.  All part of making everyone feel relaxed and at home! My husband loves this too as it is an invitation to organise something with boys or retire to our room to watch his favourite series.  Here are a few images to inspire you…

girls night 3
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1. Provide bite size nibbles that are easy and quick to prepare but are always enjoyed!

2. Serve your favourite drinks in cute jars with straws.  Add a sugar rim to make your glasses extra special.

3. Freeze berries, mint and little lemon slices in your ice trays to add a wow factor to your drinks.

4. Light candles and use dim lighting.

5. Create a play list of chilled out music.

6. Serve desert that involves chocolate.

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