A family affair

Posted on: July 6th, 2014 by Carolyn 1 Comment

What would we do without our families?  Within a family unit, life experiences are shared and from these , tolerance, morals and values evolve.  We all love to spend time with our families. We experience a strong bond with others who really care for and support us through thick and thin.  Unfortunately, because of the busy life styles we lead today and the distances between us, our gatherings are sometimes few and far between.  

Our photographs trigger memories of the fun times we’ve shared and bring them back to life again. Today,we bring you images from Goldfish Photography & Video that capture the essence of family life and celebrate this unique unit. Like many of us, I believe a family photograph is more than just an image. It captures a timeless memory.




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  1. Jenny says:

    Love the pics! Family is special.

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