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There is nothing more exciting than finding a beautiful home to photograph and share on `i am captivated`.  My aim is to inspire and motivate expats who move to Dubai to make this city their home.  It is so important for me to come home to a place that is comfortable, peaceful and most importantly inspiring.  I could go on and on building my little nest.  Living in Dubai means that you often have to move your little nest around the city but it doesn`t matter where you go, if you have your belongings around you it will always feel like home.  Kelly and James have spent time building their nest and it is gorgeous!  They have managed to create a sophisticated look with stunning light fittings.  The combination of teal, beige and cream shades in their lounge makes me feel so at ease.  These colours create a very inviting atmosphere.  Don`t you want to just lie on that soft, cuddly carpet?  I bet their little boy Alphie loves it!

Belle from Ilse Belle Photography captured these images.


Kelly`s mum is an artist and she is the talented lady who created the amazing pieces of artwork throughout their home.  The best news is that Sue is always in Dubai visiting her family and I am sure arrangements could be made for a special delivery if you would like to have one of her creations hanging up in your home.  Have a look at her website to see more of her work.

Kelly-37 Kelly-36

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