A beach maternity shoot…

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I can only imagine how special those last couple of weeks are, as parents wait in anticipation for their treasured little bundle to arrive.  And we will say it again, being able to share those precious moments on `I am captivated` is an honour and privilege.  Especially when we get to know the photographer behind the lens and they become part of the `i am captivated` family.  You are in for a treat , as we introduce and welcome Natalie Robinson Photography to the blog.

Sitting down to chat to Natalie was like meeting up with a long standing friend.  Natalie has three children of her own, and through her personal experiences with babies and children , she is able to make them relax and feel comfortable as she takes the most perfect shots with her camera.  Meeting her in person was a privilege for me and I could see how any shoot with her behind the lens would be a wonderful experience.  I am delighted to say that we will be collaborating together to bring you something very exciting and inspiring in the new year.

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Read below the images to get to know Natalie a little more…

Keeley`s dress is from 2birds Dubai

All images captured by : Natalie Robinson Photography


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A WORD FROM Natalie about this maternity shoot…

This shoot with Keeley and Danny was a real turning point for me and my maternity photography.  It was my first maternity beach shoot.  I was so nervous.  Keeley and Danny were amazing.  We got some stunning shots and it all felt very natural and flowing.  The light at sunset was beautifully golden.    

At my shoots I like to give people a little guidance on what to do; a little direction.  When you are heavily pregnant, you don’t really feel like you look your best.  Although to others you are glowing!  So where to stand, how to stand, which way to turn to get the flattering light….a little direction is really important.  Although it all has to feel natural at the same time.   

Your main focus of photography…

My main focus is kids.  Pregnancy and newborn babies.  Families and their children.  I have three children of my own, none of whom ever sit still for a photo.  So I understand where my clients are coming from – I am in the same stage of life as you.  I have the same moments of joy; the same emotions on a daily basis!  So it’s totally natural for kids to be my main focus.

However – photography is no just about getting a great shot.  Its about seeing ‘the light’, reading the light and knowing how to create ‘the shot’ to make the final image perfect.


Why  you love what you do…

I love the total natural high that I get when I can see the shot.  ‘The shot’ is more than just ‘ok everyone looks really good in this photo’.  It’s a moment; a feeling; an expression; with the perfect light.  Captured.  I can’t be erased.  It’s there on my camera.  It was real.  It’s a moment that gives me goose bumps.


Have you always been a photographer…

Nope.  I previously worked in a law firm in London in Training and Development.  When we moved to Dubai I was very heavily pregnant with my second baby, Max.  After he was born I realised I just didn’t envisage me returning to a corporate environment again.  I couldn’t see myself standing up and teaching a management training course again.  And so I decided to combine two of my loves – my kids and my camera.

I started taking lots of courses, attending lots of seminars, taking my camera with me to playdates; people’s parties, the beach, the park.  After my first GPP course, I told my husband I was going to be a photographer as my new job.  He laughed.  That made me more determined.  I practiced, practiced, practiced.  Reading photography books and manuals into the night.  Not going back to bed after the night feed and instead choosing to sit and edit photos at my computer.  I was enthused, excited and in love with this new obsession. I spent hours breastfeeding whilst watching Creative Live and You Tube videos.  Trawling Pinterest, looking at other photographers styles; identifying what I liked and what I didn’t.  Critiquing others work.  Studying and practicing.  Trying stuff out on my camera.  Studying my villa and the pockets and spaces of light.  Looking at those spaces at different times of the day.  Practicing and comparing and learning something intangible each time.  Teaching myself the basics of everything I know today.  My journey is not complete – but we all have to start somewhere.


Why you love Dubai…

We have been in Dubai for just over 4 years now.  It’s been so good to us, so far.  I love how easy it is to make friends and connections here.  Friends that we will have for life as we will always have ‘our Dubai time’ that we shared, however brief.  The life we were living in South East London was great whilst we were a couple; but not quite what we had in mind for our kids growing up.  All of our salaries went on our mortgage and child care for Ruby.  Here, we are very fortunate to have a bit more breathing space.


Your favourite place to go for a relaxing cup of tea…

Tea drinking gets done first thing in the morning, whilst getting the kids ready for school.  From then on in it’s latte…which is normally in a take away Starbucks cup from the local Zoom petrol station shop.

I’m not a loyal coffee shop person.  Love Lime Tree, Reform, Bystro…or if all else fails, sitting in my garden with my take away Starbucks!


Your favourite holiday destination…

In the summer we went to Brisbane and Noosa.  It was amazing.  Just visiting our closest friends who we haven’t seen for a while.  Two weeks went too fast.  We loved escaping the Dubai heat; exploring new places; breathing different air.  The kids just RAN.  We didn’t really ‘do’ much (apart from Australia Zoo which was amazing).  We went to the park, had take away coffees on the beach, made packed lunches and sat on benches.  The light was different.  Brighter, clearer, more vibrant.  I took my camera with me but mainly used my Iphone.  Its too tricky to take out 3 kids, a buggy, nappy bag, kids rucksacks and a camera bag.  I treat it like a newborn baby – no one is allowed to touch the camera bag!  So I felt more free without the camera.



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