10 Makeup tips for a girls night out…inspiration

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It`s Thursday and that means it`s the weekend.  Perhaps, it also means a sneaky night out and if you are like me, there is nothing better than a night out with the girls.  A glam outfit, heels and a hairdo would not be complete without just the right makeup look.  Monica Hernandez from MHG Beauty has put together her top 10 `easy tips` to help you to feel glamorous and stylish.  We love the smokey look she is created with the eye makeup.  As we planned this feature at short notice, I was the model…it was such fun being pampered by the talented Monica.  A big thank you to Jo Cole Photography for capturing these images.

1. Don’t be afraid to use more blush
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The lighting in your room is very different from the lighting at the place you are going to hang out tonight.  Most of the time it will be dark, so make sure you apply more blush than you regularly would, so that it not only lasts all night, but it’s still visible in that lighting.
2. There is no such thing as too much mascara
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Apply at least two coats of mascara.  This will make your eyes pop and look amazing in those selfies.
3. Bronzer is your friend
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Even though fall is coming soon, a bit of bronzer always gives life to the face.
Apply it by drawing a 3 shape with your brush on your right side.  Invert the shape on your left.  Starting on at the temple, go under your cheekbone, and finally under your jawline.
4. A dark eyeliner goes a long way
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You can completely change your day look into a night look by adding a dark liner to your eyes.
5. Shimmer, shimmer, shimmer
Shimmery eyeshadows turn your night look into a glam one.
6. Conceal and highlight, no need to use foundation all over. 
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You don’t always have to use heavy foundation, you can apply a tinted moisturiser or bb cream and then use a concealer for any imperfection and to cover dark circles. And always use a highlighter to give your face dimension.
7. Don’t be scared of colour
There is a huge range of colour in eyeshadows, eyeliners and lipsticks. Don’t be afraid to try something different. You might be surprised with the result.
8. Nude or bold lips
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It’s not always a rule, but a perfect way to balance your look, is to choose a nude lipstick if you go with a darker eyeshadow or if you go for bold colour lips choose a lighter eye shadow.
9. Matte or glossy
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Choosing a matte or glossy lip texture is definitely a matter of taste. Bold colours tend to look more appealing in matte as nude or softer shades look amazing with a touch of gloss. But I love a glossy lip so I almost always add a bit to any shade.
10. Pack your lipstick and translucent powder, they’re going out tonight too! 
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Set your Makeup with a setting spray (MAC And Makeup forever have amazing ones) This will set your entire look in place so that you only have to touch up your lips every now and then and apply translucent powder on your T-zone whenever your skin feels oily.
A huge thank you to Jo and Monica for making this possible…
Photography: Jo Cole Photography
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Hair and makeup -By Monica Hernandez from MHG Beauty
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    wow you look amazing!!!

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    You look amazing with your big green eyes and the tips are amazing! monica is the best!! Love the post!! I’ll follow every tip in here!!

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